Influencers have a unique ability to highlight the best local businesses, and nubtle is the perfect platform to make these connections both easy and beneficial. With the recent addition of our contract system to the existing affiliate model, influencers now have even more ways to collaborate with local shops and services. Here’s an updated guide on how influencers can use nubtle in a few simple steps.


Why nubtle for Influencers?

nubtle excels in creating genuine partnerships between influencers and local businesses. It’s a user-friendly platform that enables you to support and promote your local favourites to your audience, now with the flexibility to engage through affiliate links or direct contracts.


Steps to Connect

Discover Local Businesses: You know your community best. Seek out those hidden gems, from a trendy hairstylist to an expert carpenter, that you believe your followers will adore.

Choose Your Collaboration Type: Decide between generating a referral link for affiliate promotion or sending a direct collaboration request for a fixed priced or commission-based contract. This new system allows for more tailored partnerships with businesses.

Generate a Referral Link or Send a Contract Proposal: After choosing a business to promote, nubtle allows you to either create a unique referral link for them or draft a contract proposal. This flexibility is key to accommodating different types of influencer-business relationships.

Share with Your Followers: Employ your social media skills to share this link or promote your contracted partnership. It’s an easy way for your followers to discover the local businesses you endorse, whether through affiliate links or direct collaborations.

Invite Your Favourite Businesses: If your favourite local business isn’t on nubtle yet, simply invite them to join for free. This enables you to promote them through either affiliate links or direct contracts and seamlessly track your contributions.


Benefits for Both Sides

This approach is fantastic for local businesses, giving them exposure without heavy marketing costs. For you, as an influencer, it’s an excellent opportunity to engage with your community and earn income through successful referrals or direct contracts.


How to start?

Visit our registration page to register for a free nubtle Promo account. We will activate your account shortly. Once you login for the first time, our system will guide you through an interactive tutorial. Want to find vendors specific to your industry or negotiate contracts? Try Advanced Mode on the new link creation or contract proposal page.