Since the onset of COVID-19, influencer marketing has surged, fueled by increased social media engagement as people spent more time at home. This shift has proven particularly beneficial for the beauty industry. Studies suggest that, on average, beauticians can achieve up to 18-fold return through influencer marketing compared to traditional marketing methods. Despite the presence of over 20,000 influencers in North America focusing on beauty, many beauticians still underutilize this powerful tool.


The Challenge: Why Do Some Beauticians Hesitate?

The answer is simple – lack of proper infrastructure. The beauty sector, while popular, is also fraught with opportunistic schemes that can disillusion professionals. Beauticians often find themselves paying for marketing that doesn’t yield results, from fleeting trends to outright scams.

In influencer marketing, beauticians are usually exploited either by someone posing as an influencer who isn’t actually influential or by influencers who fail to deliver the content or posts as agreed upon. However, if these two issues are effectively addressed, there is no risk to beauticians.


The Solution: How nubtle Makes Influencer Marketing Safe and Effective

nubtle transforms influencer marketing by addressing key issues head-on. Beauticians don’t need to pay upfront and they can engage UGC(User Generated Content) creators through legally binding contracts. This structure ensures that engagements are honored, protecting beauticians from common pitfalls like non-delivery of agreed-upon content. Most micro-influencers prefer working on a commission basis, earning a fee for each booking they generate, which aligns their interests with those of the beauticians.


How Does nubtle Enhance Influencer Marketing?

nubtle addresses all the issues mentioned above with influencer marketing and allows beauticians to enter into various types of contracts with influencers, including commission-based agreements. From our extensive database of over 20,000 influencers, beauticians can filter by niche and location, research influencers’ engagement rates, follower counts, total number of posts, and many more data points. They can then invite the influencers to collaborate with them. When influencers submit a collaboration application, it is considered a legally binding contract, which they must fulfill to keep their account active on nubtle. Moreover, nubtle verifies all influencer data before approving their accounts or allowing them to initiate a collaboration application. This gives beauticians peace of mind, knowing they will achieve the best possible results from their influencer marketing campaigns.

Joining and inviting influencers through nubtle is absolutely free for beauticians. nubtle only charges a fee to influencers to continue finding contracts. So, if you are a beauty professional who hasn’t tried influencer marketing through nubtle yet, you are missing out! 


Case Study: A Success Story Through nubtle

Consider the story of Luana, a beautician from Toronto. Starting with a minimal client base, Luana used nubtle to connect with local beauty influencers. By choosing influencers whose followers matched her ideal clientele, she didn’t just see a spike in bookings; she cultivated a loyal customer base impressed by the authentic endorsements. Within a few months, the increased demand enabled Luana to renovate and expand her salon.


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