Toronto, ON — Oct 1, 2023 — nubtle Inc., a forward-thinking digital platform, is excited to announce the official launch of its revolutionary marketing, sales, and search platform. Built to effortlessly link vendors, influencers, and customers with its unique, patent-pending technology, nubtle is now live and invites everyone to experience its unique offerings for free.

nubtle presents a personalized, private, and efficient search engine, making it easier than ever for customers to discover the services they need. Simultaneously, it enables vendors to increase their conversions(sale of service), reduce marketing expenses, and grow their businesses faster.

Asifur Rahman, CEO of nubtle Inc., says, “nubtle is designed with the needs of vendors, influencers, and customers in mind, allowing all parties to connect effectively. With its risk-free commission-based model, we believe that vendors will love the opportunity to grow their businesses with us.”

nubtle provides vendors with free exposure and access to high-quality leads, with no upfront financial risk. Vendors can receive up to three* conversions without any upfront cost, after which they can choose to get additional leads by paying the due invoice. This gives vendors the opportunity to grow their businesses on their own terms, in a highly cost-effective manner. Currently, nubtle is accepting vendors from Beauty, Education, Carpentry & Catering industries and aims to add 10 more industries by the end of 2023.

For influencers, nubtle offers the opportunity to promote services that align with their content and values. nubtle enables influencers to easily customize search queries for their audience, resulting in targeted results and high conversion rates. Moreover, they can earn a commission for each successful conversion, while supporting causes that matter to them.

Customers, on the other hand, benefit from a free and personalized search engine that connects them with vendors based on their specific needs. nubtle’s three-stage search algorithm verifies a vendor’s previous similar conversions to give customers peace of mind. For the first time in search engine history, nubtle is introducing a feature called “Vibe Check”. This innovative feature takes customers’ views/personality traits and compares them with the respective vendors’ satisfaction rates, ensuring an excellent match. nubtle guarantees the utmost privacy, removing all personal data associated with search activity once the conversion fee is paid. This ensures that no personal information can be linked to any search activity, maintaining users’ privacy at all times.

“nubtle is confident that it will redefine the way we think about online privacy,” added Asifur Rahman. “We built it because, as a consumer, I was frustrated with the process of finding the right vendor. Having to call them to verify their availability, confirm their expertise, and then still somehow manage to select the worst vendor was exhausting. nubtle ensures that all these tasks are completed automatically, so you can just check how a result aligns with your needs and choose the result that appeals to you! We invite everyone to sign up and experience the benefits first-hand.”

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About nubtle Inc.
nubtle Inc. is a digital platform dedicated to revolutionizing the connection between vendors, influencers, and customers. Through a risk-free, commission-based model, nubtle provides a unique and effective way for all parties to connect and grow. nubtle’s three-stage search algorithm and “Vibe Check” feature ensure a personalized and privacy-centric experience for all users. nubtle was built with consumer privacy in mind. It believes in making the web a safer place by storing selective information and clearing clutter.

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* Considering average bid/conversion is $5